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Indian Lake
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Cedar River

ACTIVITY: Paddling

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: Up to 9 miles roundtrip if you paddle to the lean-to

Perks: Great views of some mountains surrounding Cedar River Flow. Check out the Wakely Dam fire tower on the right as you head out. The marshy area is usually full of bird life and is pretty scenic.

Obstacles: Winds on the Cedar River Flow could potentially be challenging. The marshy area can be tricky to navigate through, if you attempt to paddle through it to the river section.

Quote: “As you paddle up the flow, look for a great blue heron rookery in the red spruce on the right, where the waterbody narrows to a channel in the reeds. There are a dozen or so nests. Almost always, you’ll see adults fishing near the shore. Nesting ducks include common mergansers, mallards, American black ducks and wood ducks. In the last few years, Canada geese have nested and had young.” — Gary Lee, co-author of the guidebook “Adirondack Birding”

Directions: From the intersection of state Routes 28 and 30 in Indian Lake drive west for 2.2 to Cedar River Road. Turn left and go about 12 miles to an open field that serves as a parking area. This is the eastern entrance to the Moose River Plains Recreation Area. You’ll see a trailhead near the Wakely Dam, where you put your boat in the water.