Photo by Joe Hackett
Joe Hackett took this photo in 1982 during a four-day, 40-mile ski touring trip on the Northville-Placid Trail.
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It was the late winter of 1982 when I first traveled the Northville-Placid Trail outside of the fishing season. Brook trout had always been my main quarry, and I often ventured along the historic 132-mile passage between Lake Placid with Northville, in search of wild brookies, and I still do. My wandering ways always focused on the small, remote ponds that are concentrated in and around the Cold River valley.

In the early days of my career, after fishing season came to an end, I went to work as a ski touring guide leading lodge to lodge trips. During the winter of 1980-81, I guided skiers over the trails connecting Adirondack Loj to South Meadow Farm Lodge, and on to The Barkeater Lodge in Keene, before finally finishing up at The Whiteface Chalet in Wilmington.

When I wasn\'Äôt with a scheduled tour, I often ventured off trail and into untracked territory. Back then, ski touring equipment was still its infancy, especially as compared to today\'s wider, metal-edged backcountry skis, stiff plastic boots and telescopic poles.

After transitioning from a pair of nearly ancient wooden boards to a pair of \