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Lake Placid
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DISTANCE: Up to 8 miles round trip


ROUTE: Chubb River from Averyville Road put-in. From here, you can paddle upstream about four miles until the river becomes too narrow and shallow to continue. The route is relatively straightforward, just follow the channel upstream. Stay right when you first start out.

CARRIES: Two relatively short ones. Before you even put your boat in the water, you must walk 350 feet from Averyville Road to the Chubb River. The second carry occurs 1.1 miles into the trip, when you have to carry for about 700 feet.

PERKS: This trip offers views of Street and Nye mountains roughly 1.5 miles into the trip, or just after the second carry. It is one of the few places to paddle in the High Peaks Wilderness and is probably the most accessible. The Chubb is also a great river for birders, in part because of its wetland and boreal habitats.

OBSTACLES: Not many. The carries are relatively short.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Drive 1.3 miles down Averyville Road from where it intersects with Old Military Road in Lake Placid. The trail to the put-in is on the left shortly after you drive on a bridge over the Chubb River. It’s unmarked and slightly hard to find.

MAPS: Adirondack Paddler’s Map, National Geographic’s Adirondack Park Lake Placid/High Peaks