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Saranac Lake
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DISTANCE: 10.5 miles one way

SHUTTLE: Yes — 1.5 miles one way

ROUTE: Start at Ampersand Bay and paddle down the lake. At about 1.25 miles, you’ll reach Eagle Island and a few smaller islands. Continue past Eagle Island into the quieter, state-owned section of the lake until you reach Bluff Island after three miles. Head left here, and go into the channel marked by buoys. At just over four miles, you’ll pass under the state Route 3 bridge. Continue down the river, where you’ll come upon a lean-to at 5.25 miles and some boulders just after that. Both are good spots to take a break. Stay left when you pass Cold Brook (which will be on the right) just after the boulders. At roughly 6.5 miles, you’ll come upon some locks. There’s a short carry on the right hand side that leads to a dock. Proceed from here across Oseetah Lake and back into the Saranac River until you enter Lake Flower. There are two places to take out. The state boat launch on the right or at the grassy Northern Forest Canoe Trail takeout on the left near the dam toward the end of Lake Flower.

CARRIES: About 600 feet around the locks near Oseetah Lake

PERKS: Plenty of islands to visit on Lower Saranac. Great views of mountains, including McKenzie, on Oseetah.

OBSTACLES: An area with heavy motorboat use so pay attention to wakes and where you are on the water.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Drive eight-tenths of a mile from the four-way intersection of Main Street and state Route 3 in Saranac Lake, taking Route 3 toward Tupper Lake. Turn right on Edgewood Road. After driving for a quarter of a mile, turn left at Bayside Drive and start looking for the state boat launch at Ampersand Bay on the left. The distance from the end of this trip to the beginning is about 1.5 miles. If you leave a car at the end of the trip, you can either park on the street near the village of Saranac Lake offices, which are on Main Street, and use the NFCT take-out; otherwise you can use the state boat launch parking lot on Lake Flower on River Street.

MAPS: Adirondack Canoe Map, Adirondack Paddler’s Map